Suncraft Turns 3 Years Old

Today we celebrated three years of Suncraft Energy’s existence. The Company was founded in 2011 with a vision to provide solar and renewable energy in the eastern part of India and consequently expand elsewhere in India and opportunistically abroad . We started with a small team, a broken shed as our manufacturing unit and the ground floor of a decrepit house as our office. The ride has definitely been rough but the journey fulfilling. Today, we are proud to have:

  • provided numerous consulting services to our clients,
  • designed and installed solar power generating units at several locations in India,
  • manufactured solar inverters (aka power conditioning units or PCUs) and smart energy management units or SEMUs, and
  • expanded our research and development efforts to build smarter solar PCUs, and
  • offered GSM-based remote monitoring over the internet (aka Suncraft Sky!)

As a proud moment for all of us, we also took time to reflect on the last three years, plan and debate for the years to come, reward our valuable team members and most important of all – round up everyone and head out for an enjoyable evening to remember!

We take this moment to thank our clients, customers, advisors, well-wishers, our team and their family members!

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