1 MW RESCO Solar Project in Kolkata Metro Railway Station

1 MW RESCO Solar Project in Kolkata Metro Railway Station

The installation process is going on in multiple sites. More than 80% commissioning work has done in the year 2022. Work remain in Belgachia and Noapara Metro Railway Station. The Plants used polycrystalline solar cells of 472 kWp in Central Park Metro Sector V and in Dum Dum Metro Railwway Station. The project exerted total 1408 panels of 335 and 540 kw Solar PV cells in above commissioned stations. Solar cells and Inverters are being procured from CONTENDRE SOLAR and SUNGROW accordingly.

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IoT enabled Remote Monitoring System (RMS) i.e. TRACKSO with WMS and EYE M4 have been integrated in all plants to detect performance and operational problem. RMS details are as follows for each Metro Railway Stations

Dum Dum metro Railway Station:

User ID: tejabhatta@gmail.com & Password: Solar123

Sector V Metro Railway Station:

User ID: dyceehqmetro@gmail.com & Password: dyceehqmetro@123

Central Park Metro Railway Station:

User ID: subhajit6464@gmail.com & Password: solar123

Location :


Size of Plant :

1 MW

Date of Commissioning :

Yet to be commissioned

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