Renewable Energy Solution

Since 2011 company has been providing engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) solution for institutional, commercial and industrial clients. It has built a significant expertise in rooftop and small scale ground mounted solutions. The company has adapted well to the changes and evolution of the Indian solar industry. The company has built a significant control on the solar value chain.

Off Grid Large Scale Solar PV Projects.

All the items of the off-grid solar systems except the solar modules are manufactured internally or by strategic partners.Company has conceptualised and implemented off-grid solar projects of various sizes and different applications. Maximum off-grid project size in a single location, the company has delivered so far, is 100 kWp

EPC and RESCO solutions for On Grid Rooftop Institutional and C&I Solar PV Projects

We have delivered more than 100 numbers of grid-connected rooftop systems of various capacities and in various locations across India. Maximum single location project size so far has been 500 kW. The cumulative installation as on date is more than 5000 kWp.

Micro Grid Solar Projects

Company has delivired AC and DC micro and mini grid for clients like UNDP, Melinda Foundation, NETRA, NTPC and WWF. The heigst size of the DC mini grid project is 30 kWp and AC mini grid is 17 kWp. Company has requiset expertised to deliver all kinds of mini and micro grid solar projects.

Solar Water Pumps and Productive usages of Solar PV installed for Solar Pumps during off periods

Development of an economic micro center around already installed solar pumps is a viable solutions. We have provided technical solutions to develop 3 such economic center where development organizations like GIZ has sponsored through their partner company. Company has innovated a device by which a solar pump can be converted for other productive usages.

Cooking Solution

Solar pre-heating solution for community kitchen

For Community kitchen company has developed a solution to pre heat water for the boiler. The Company has the entire solution to change and transform traditional chulha based kitchen to boiler based kitchen by which one can save fuel and time of cooking using clean energy.

Domestic kitchen (under development)

Drying Solution

Solar Dryer

Company has developed solar dryer with strategic partners. . This dryer can be used for drying vegetables. Mushrooms, balls made from dal and many other items. We provide a temperature range 40 to 60 degrees.

Cold Storage Solution

5 ton solar cold storage solution

The company has launched various models of solar cold storage system using lithium ion storage. 2 ton to 5 ton solar cold storages are available with us.